Growing Grapes in California

Even before French viticulturist Paul Masson popularized the California sparkling wine, this region has been producing wine centuries ago, when the missionaries started growing grapes for communion wine. California enjoys lots of sunshine and warm and dry summers, the reason why this region produces a premium quality of fine wine. The best areas to grow grapes in this region, surprisingly, have a different set of climactic conditions. Generally, the best wine is produced in the North and Central Coasts, where transverse valleys have moderate temperatures coming from the cool ocean air. The cool climate of the Sierra foothills is also another site to produce quality grapes. A century ago, the California grape industry almost suffered a collapse from the mass phylloxera pest breakout. However, vintners grafted American disease-resistant rootstock to save the wine industry.

When growing grapes in California, make sure the vines receive an adequate amount of water. Water the grapes at least once a week or more for warmer areas until the grapes begin to turn red. When this happens, stop watering the vines altogether because water does not help in the ripening process. When the leaves have fallen during the fall, give another enough thorough watering to prepare the grapes for the coming winter.

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