Growing Grapes in Louisiana

The hot and humid climate of Louisiana is one of the main reasons why an enormous grape growing and wine production industry is not found in this part of the United States. Louisiana vineyards, much like most vineyards in the humid southeast, are prone to infestation of Pierce Disease, a bacterial disease spread by certain leafhoppers called sharpshooters. Add to that the fact that Louisiana soils are highly moisturized and do not have the right pH of 6.5 for growing grape vines. The native American Muscadine grapes and some French-American cross-breeds are resistant to Pierce Disease and thrive most in this region. Popular among these hybrids are Miss Blue, Miss Blanc, MidSouth, Stover, and Orlando. These, however, will survive only if proper drainage is observed. In Louisiana, growers use Dogridge rootstocks because they can tolerate poorly drained soils well.

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