Growing Grapes in Oklahoma

Currently, Oklahoma has more than 40 wineries and a steadily growing number of acres of vineyards. This region has a variety of micro-climates, making it possible for grape growers to cultivate classic European, native American, and French-American varietals all over the region. French-American hybrids and American varieties thrive in north and north-eastern Oklahoma, where humidity and temperatures are low. Grape growing activity can also be found in the western edge of the state, where grapes flourish in elevated sites around Enid. Most Vitis vinifera grapes planted in Oklahoma are found at higher sites in the west, where the climate is mild and the winters not very long. Most French-American hybrids are grafted on rootstocks of disease-resistant native American varieties to prevent infection from the phylloxera pest, which is very common during the hot summer months of Oklahoma.

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