Growing Grapes in Utah

There are no recognized viticultural areas in Utah, but some estate wineries have been established in the region, particularly in the mountain valleys where the climate is cooler than the surrounding flatlands. Rainfall in this part of the United States is relatively low, thus requiring vineyards of some kind of irrigation. In the mountain valleys, water is not often a problem where snow provides moisture to the surrounding vineyards and crop farms in the area. However, grape growers should be aware of flash floods that can damage their vines when growing in mid-season, as this is the peak time for melted snow runoffs from the mountains. Though flash floods are not the main reason for injured grape vines, they should be watched. Utah does not have extremely chilly winters because of the mountain ranges in the northern and eastern part of the state which block Arctic air masses from blowing in. It enjoys sunny skies and dry summers, making it possible for Utah wine makers to produce wines from Vitis vinifera varieties. Cold-hardy French-American hybrids are grown in the cooler areas of the state.

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